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About Joe

Podcast photo.
I really like podcasting.

Joe Iovino is a writer who enjoys sharing about what it means to live as a faithful follower of Jesus in the real world of the 21st century.

Joe has served the church in a variety of capacities: pastor, associate pastor, youth minister, contemporary worship leader, writer, podcaster and website editor.

As Director, Member Communications at United Methodist Communications, in Nashville, Tennessee, he manages and writes for, the website of the global United Methodist Church. He also produces Get Your Spirit in Shape, a podcast featuring conversations with United Methodist leaders.

A fun picture of Joe.
I got a Coke to share with Wesley, I assume John Wesley… Or maybe it was Charles?

Before coming to Nashville, Joe served churches in Colorado and his home state of New Jersey.

Happily married since 1991, Joe and Diane have two great kids. Diane is Director of the Child Development Center at City Road Chapel United Methodist Church in Madison, Tennessee. Their son is a talented musician and music therapist working in Colorado Springs. Their daughter is an aspiring comedy writer/performer/director.

True to his Jersey roots, Joe spends much of his free time rooting for the Mets and listening to Bruce Springsteen. When the weather is right, he enjoys motorcycle rides with no destination.

If you talk to him long enough, he is likely to bring up something he heard on a podcast, and he probably knows more about The Simpsons than you—which was almost cool when he was a youth pastor in the 90s.

If I were Rev. Lovejoy’s associate. By Kristi Iovino.

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  1. Lesley Merrifield
    Lesley Merrifield April 11, 2018

    I have just found your blog and enjoyed it. I don’t do FB anymore. Do you send your blog out in emails? If not where do I find it?
    Thank you,
    Lesley Merrifield

    • Joe
      Joe July 21, 2018

      Scroll to the bottom of any page and on the right is a place where you can subscribe by email. Thanks!

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