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Gym time

Missy Franklin
Missy Franklin

When the Olympics started, I was on a youth mission trip. I missed the opening ceremonies and most of the first weekend of competition as we were traveling home. I thought I would not be as engaged in the Olympics as others, but I find that I am. Gymnastics, swimming, track & field. I’ve even watched some archery, water polo, soccer, and read about the badminton controversy.

I find the dedication of Olympic athletes inspiring. Then the recognition comes of just how young they are. Gabby Douglas, a 16-year-old American gymnast, won the women’s all-around gold medal. Colorado high school senior, Missy Franklin has won 4 medals – 3 of them gold – and set a new world record in swimming.

While I am a sports fan, I also enjoy the Olympics because the television coverage often shares a glimpse into the lives of the athletes and the people surrounding them. Michael Phelps’ mom is almost as recognizable to me as he is. I like learning how they started in their sport, what else they do, and how much time and effort they put in to becoming Olympic medalists.

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