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It’s all about people

Not Lillian, Tristan, or me

On Friday night I was reminded of what ministry is all about.

This weekend I had the privilege of officiating the wedding of a young woman I met when she was in eighth grade, and the young man she loves (congrats Lillian and Tristan). Not long ago while cleaning up my contacts I found “Lillian’s the Best” – the contact she entered as a high school student. Lillian and I went through a lot of fun stuff and some difficult times. This weekend I was privileged to participate in the happiest day of her life.

At the wedding I chatted with two other couples whose weddings I had officiated in the past seven years or so. One couple shared about their young child and another on the way. All of this served as a reminder that ministry offers us the privilege to be invited into people’s lives in profound ways.

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