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John Wesley shared health advice as part of his ministry.

Faith & Leadership recently interviewed John Wesley scholar Randy Maddox about Wesley’s emphasis on physical health throughout his ministry. “Of all Wesley’s books,” Maddox states, “the one that stayed in print the longest and went through the most editions wasn’t his sermons or hymns. It was ‘Primitive Physick,’ a book on medical advice. It was central to his work” (Randy Maddox: John Wesley says, ‘Take care of yourself’). It would be odd in the 21st century for a clergy person to give medical advice, but not so in the 18th century. Maddox does a great job explaining practical reasons why, but also shares how this practice of caring for the body also grew out of Wesley’s theology.

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Spring break!

Office hours cartoon

Spring is here! Those in our area who missed its official arrival in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, know it has sprung now. Today is the first day of our school district’s spring break. Families are traveling. Kids are celebrating. It is time to take a break.

My family – my wife the teacher, my high school son, and middle school daughter – are all off this week. I’m not. Bad planning, I know. For some of you, a spring break vacation isn’t an option because the lead pastor has taken the week off and you have more to do! This still doesn’t mean you cannot take time to be refreshed.

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