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Tag: Super Bowl

MVP – Most Valuable Pastor?

Congrats to Eli Manning - MVP Super Bowl XLVI

We all knew before it even started that the Most Valuable Player of the big game (am I allowed to call it the Super Bowl without paying the NFL?) would be the one who made a big play worthy of celebrating. Quarterbacks have won more than half of them, that number increasing with Eli’s naming last night, with running backs and wide receivers taking most of the rest.

But could the MVP have won the game without the 53rd man on the roster? There are a lot of players on a championship team that seem far from the spotlight. We know the Bradys and the Mannings that do amazing the things with the ball, but what about the right guard that protects their blindside when they drop back to pass? Without that guy doing his job, they wouldn’t have time or space to do the things they do.