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The Grace of Mom

I’ve embedded below a clip from The Skit Guys called “Why She Gets a Day.”Tommy and Eddie have a great way of making a point through humor. I especially like the lines Tommy uses to defend why mom gets a day:

She took care of you. She blew your nose and wiped your bottom. She kissed your boo-boos. And every time you look at her and said, “hey mom…look at me” she looked every time… She loved you, and you’re unlovable.

You might not be as “unlovable” as the annoying guy Eddie is playing the clip, but you know exactly what he means. There were times when you were, let’s say, difficult to love, and yet were.

Through her example, your mom was teaching you the theological concept of grace. You received from her what you did not deserve – like love before you could express love back, and food even when you could not pay. You also, at times, did not receive what you did deserve, the other side of grace. Like when you cracked the glass egg (yes, that’s a Risky Business reference), or stayed out after curfew, or far worse and were punished but not banished from the family or life on the planet.

Grace, getting what we don’t deserve and not getting what we do, is the love of God first shared with us through our moms. Every time she sacrificed for our well-being, every time she gave what we did not deserve and withheld what we did, she was teaching us about the love of God.

There are so many reasons to honor mom this weekend. This is just one. Thanks mom.


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