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A conversion of sorts

Since I was boy growing up on the Jersey Shore, I have rooted for the New York Mets. My brother and I had a television in our room, quite a luxury in the 70’s, mostly so I could watch the Mets on channel 9. I cheered the days when I saw a triple play turned against the hapless Mets of the 70’s and the day Mookie’s dribbler went through Buckner’s wickets. As a college student, in the days when the Mets seemed to battle the Pirates for the NL East pennant every year, I flew to Pittsburg wearing my blue hat with the orange interlocking NY. A fellow passenger shared his admiration of my fandom, and my courage.

This is the 6th season though that I have been living in Colorado. When I first got here I thought I might be the only baseball fan in the state. During baseball season the sports talk shows took more Bronco calls than Rockies. Two amazing “Rocktobers” (out of 5) later, I am learning of the true fandom here. I have found a team that is easy to root for; hardworking athletes who do it right.

Something is happening inside of me. I feel my heart strangely warmed by Ubaldo fastballs, Helton homers, Tulo’s glove, and CarGo’s arm. The conversion became evident in the two series the Mets and Rockies played this season. I didn’t root against the Mets, but I rooted for the Rox.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Colorado is a real contender in the NL West, and the Mets have to hope for some mysterious illness to come upon the Phillies’ rotation to have a shot in the NL East. Or maybe it has something to do with the Mets ownership being mixed up in the Bernie Madoff mess. Or maybe it is just easier to follow the team in the state in which you live.

Either way, I need a new hat.

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