Mistakes in church

Church is supposed to be holy and solemn. Right? As a reflection of the kingdom of God our worship is supposed to be perfect. Isn’t […]

God’s plans and ours

Sometimes I run into people who tell me that God’s plan for their life has been thwarted. The culprit is sometimes a spouse, sometimes an illness […]

Thanks Dad

During one of his comedy specials Bill Cosby tells a story of a football player’s journey to the big time. His dad gets him started […]

Praying in church

On Pentecost Sunday Pastor Bob Kaylor, our lead pastor, told our congregation about a Korean way of praying in church. At the appropriate time the […]

My personal Pentecost

There is an episode of My Name is Earl where the gang goes to see a young faith healer. During the service, Joy, Earl’s ex-wife, […]