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The voices in your head…

What story are you telling yourself? Counselors call it your “script.” J. D. on Scrubs had a very complicated internal life that effected all his interactions. Odds are you too have a voice in your head telling you things about yourself.

If you are fortunate that voice is your cheerleader. Some people have an internal monologue that is constantly saying, “You’re doing fine. Keep up the good work.”

Unfortunately many others find their harshest critic roaming around in their own skulls. Every decision gets second guessed; every interaction is examined like an NFL coach watching film of the game on Monday morning.

How do you overcome that voice? Michael Hyatt, leadership blogger, gives 5 steps in “What Story Are You Telling Yourself?”

  1. Become aware of The Narrator. Hyatt writes that many people don’t know where the gnawing feelings come from. Try to identify your inner critic.
  2. Evaluate the story the Narrator is telling. Acknowledge the inner voice is not always right. It may be, so check it out. But it probably isn’t. Try to be honest with yourself.
  3. See the story from a larger perspective. Get outside of yourself. Was that conversation really that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things?
  4. Affirm what you know is true. Hyatt quotes one of his mentors who often says, “Most people doubt their beliefs and believe their doubts. Do just the opposite.” I love that quote.
  5. Write a new script. Be intentional about writing a better story in your head and with your life (see Donald Miller’s book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years – I highly recommend it). 
God’s story for you is far different than the inner monologue that haunts you. Through Jesus we have learned that God is always whispering, “You are my child. I love you.”

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