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Wrong Worship

A friend sent me the following video. Not only does it crack me up, but it also has a point. Take a look:


I hope it made you laugh! I had to pause it the first time I heard “How Great Is This Song” because I could not hear what came next over my laughter.

We in the “contemporary worship” community frequently take blows from many who accuse us of such things. Our services get called “worship lite.” Some have called the music “Jesus-as-my-boyfriend” songs. I have even heard it said that praise services go for “cool over content.” Despite our striving to be genuine, it seems we have not shaken the ability of some to simply go through the motions. I get that. I’ve seen it. I pray I haven’t done it.

Once again I am reminded that real worship has nothing to do with style, music, or dress code. It doesn’t really matter whether we sing Beethoven, Charles Wesley, Fanny Crosby, or Chris Tomlin. It doesn’t matter if your preacher is in a robe, a dress, or has his shirt untucked (like me). It really doesn’t matter if the scripture is read from the KJV, the NIV, or The Message. What matters is you the worshiper. What matters is what is in your heart, upon whom you are focused, and your openness to be touched, moved, challenged, and changed by the Holy Spirit.

Would you be willing to experiment with me this weekend? When you go to worship, don’t go with a critical eye. Don’t go wondering if the choir will be good, if the hymns are singable, if the singer in the praise team can finally stay on pitch, or if the pastor is skilled at preaching. Go instead with your focus wholly (and holy) upon Jesus, and allow the Spirit to work in and through you. Because in the end, that is all that matters.

Post your comments after worship this weekend sharing what the experiment did for you.


  1. Brandon
    Brandon September 10, 2011

    HAHA. That’s great!

    Your points are absolutely right. My faith has slipped away from me, but I still think having the right attitude about one’s faith and attending church is super important.

    Keeping it real, Jiggity Joe!

    • Joe
      Joe September 10, 2011

      Your faith has slipped away from you? What’s going on?

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