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Don’t quit on Monday

MotorcyclemechanicEvery once in a while among the ads for ministry degrees, youth ministry sites, and the like, my Facebook page will display an ad for a school where one can become a certified motorcycle mechanic. This makes sense because I ride and am a Facebook fan of several motorcycle sites. There are days I see that ad and think, “That sounds pretty good.” This especially happens when I am worn down and tired.

Several times in the past few weeks I have heard a new phrase from multiple sources, “Pastors should never quit on a Monday.” You know what it is like. You spent all week building up to Sunday – worship, Sunday school, youth group, new member classes, adult education, and more. On Monday morning, rather than enjoying all that has been accomplished, we see the clock again ticking toward the next Sunday, and all the preparation that go into worship, Sunday school, youth group, new member classes, adult education… It can be a grind.

In the midst of that it can sound pretty attractive to think of a job where we would be able to see immediate fruit from our labor. For me, that might be a mechanic. A motorcycle comes into the shop running less than perfectly, then after our hard work we watch as it is ridden off the lot running good as new. That must feel good, but I’m sure a motorcycle mechanic reading this would think, “Yeah, but there is always another bike.”

We associate pastors, who often work behind the scenes, must make a habit of taking time to celebrate the what has been accomplished. Monday is a good day to review what worked well, what didn’t work, and what could be improved. Make time to celebrate your work, the profess you are making. Don’t quit on Monday to become a motorcycle mechanic.

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