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Month: May 2014

When It Rains… – Sermon Text

Series: Beginnings: The Story of Genesis Part 4
Text: Genesis 7:11-24
Preached: Sunday, May 18 at Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church
Audio: HERE
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I showed an edited version of this clip at the opening to get us all on the same page.

PreciousMomentsNoahMany of us, especially those who have been part of the church literally for as long as we can remember, believe we know what the story of Noah is all about. We learned all about Noah’s Ark as children with images like this one.

The picture to the right is literally a Precious Moments representation of Noah’s Ark. Cute little animals, cute little people, even a couple of spiders. Give them some fishing poles and a picnic basket and they could be enjoying a lazy day on a boat.

As we look at the story this morning I ask you to take a fresh look at it, trying to suspend your preconceptions, what you already know about this story. Let’s reimagine the story together to see if there isn’t something more here for us than the “did it really happen?” argument which seems to dominate the conversation.

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