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Month: June 2014

Time to Go – Sermon Text

Preached: June 22, 2014 at Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church
Texts: Zechariah 14:16-21; Mark 9:2-9 
Audio: HERE
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Can you relate? I can. As a kid growing up in New Jersey, I was surrounded by family. Within just a few minutes from my childhood home, lived both sets of grandparents, many of my aunts and uncles, and more extended family. We were in each other’s houses quite a bit and it was a great deal of fun. One grandmother had a pool, at the other’s we would play horseshoes and cards. But the coolest was my Aunt and Uncle’s house because they had an Atari and a large screen television in their den. I remember playing Pong and Tank Battle on the biggest screen I had seen outside of a movie theater, which I’m sure would pale in comparison to what we have today.

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Joseph’s 50/20 Vision – Sermon Text

Preached: June 15, 2014 ”“ Father’s Day ”“ Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church
Series: Beginnings: The Story of Genesis Part 8
Text: Genesis 50:15-21 (CEB)
Audio: HERE

We began by learning “Cast My Cares”

In the middle of the night when worry finds me
In the middle of a fight when strength is gone
In the middle of a fire when fear is closing in
You are You are my song
You’re my hope when hope is gone.

I will cast my cares on You the Almighty
I will cast my cares on You ’cause You’re good
I will cast my cares on You ’cause You love me, You love me
Oh oh because You love me

“Cast My Cares” by Alli Rogers & Tim Timmons
2011 Simple Tense Songs (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.)
Letsbebeautiful (Admin. by Sony/ATV Music Publishing)
Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing (Admin. by Sony/ATV Music Publishing)

Which flowed right into this video

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What is it for you? What are you worried about today? What fear is distracting you this morning? Most mornings I would pray that you would be able to put that junk aside while we worship. But today, I want you to reflect on it. What in your life fills you with anxiety, causes your heart to beat a little faster? As the song says, in the middle of the night, what worry finds you? In the middle of what fight, what struggle, do you find your strength gone? In the middle of what fire—and for residents of Black Forest this has special meaning especially this weekend—do you feel fear closing in?

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